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          Global 多样 & Inclusion

          Global 多样 & Inclusion

          Diverse group of PSU students laying on the grass in the PSU Park Blocks.


          PSU Students sitting outside on campus; one student is holding a bike.

          Student 支持 & Programs

          We commit to inclusion of historically marginalized communities and those underrepresented in higher education. 多样 & Multicultural 学生服务 empowers student populations whose retention, academic success, and graduation are challenged by socio-historical factors and contemporary inequities.

          Group of students sitting around a table talking.

          Equity & Compliance


          PSU students in a classroom.

          多样 Education & Learning

          Global 多样 & Inclusion offers diversity, equity, and inclusion education addressing a variety of topics, needs, and experience levels. We provide a body of learning opportunities of breadth and depth, from beginner to advanced.

          Students holding paper airplanes to the sky.

          多样, Equity & Inclusion 拥护


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